Make a difference with Homeshare programs

Make a difference with Homeshare programs

As the Australian population ages, there are increasingly more and more elderly citizens choosing to live at home for as long as they are able.  Elderly citizens are committed and prefer to sustain an independent lifestyle by choosing to live comfortably in their home rather than making the transition into an aged care facility.

There are many health benefits in being able to live in your own home for the later years of an elderly person’s life:

  • Psychological benefits including feeling independent and the ability to look after themselves
  • Provides a sense of happiness being able to think about memories in your own home
  • Better access for family members and friends when they visit
  • Helps encourage the person to keep their interests and hobbies around the home

In order for an elderly person to be able to sustain their living at home as long as possible, help is sometimes necessary.  Homeshare programs such as Uniting Care Life Assist program offer eligible participants to be matched to people who are older or have a disability to provide about 10 hours of assistance and support a week that can be in the form of cooking, shopping gardening, helping to arrange maintenance services, house cleaning services, etc.  The eligible participant would be exchanging this practical support for free rent, for a bedroom and the use of communal facilities.

The program creates mutual benefits for both parties involved, providing young people a chance to save on rent, for the elderly the program helps them to live a more independent life whilst receiving the support to do so.

Homeshare programs are creating unique ways to support our community; it is like having a house mate, they are not there to provide personal care, they are there to provide a social interaction, help with daily tasks and chores around the house.  They are not there to replace the work of nursing services or provide in home personal care.

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